Inverted Mind was formed in May 2011 by Jan Słomski. The band’s music was initially closest to the genre of hardcore with its heavy riffs and aggressive lyrics showing raw anger and frustration. Up until the band’s first EP in 2012, they went through two vocalists and two drummers. After these initial changes, they maintained a consistent lineup for the next 6 years with Jan Słomski on vocals and guitar, Michał Tomaszek on bass, and Dariusz Darasz on drums. Throughout 2018 and 2019 the band’s lineup went through some more changes. Jan Słomski remained on vocals and guitar, while Jan Skubida jumped in on bass and Konrad Coner on drums.
Over the years the band’s music included elements of nu, stoner and sludge metal until it eventually evolved into a fusion of sludge and post-metal. The band’s lyrics are an integral part of their music and are focused on the topics of the soul’s suffering, mental problems, and hopelessness.
Inverted Mind has played dozens of concerts in Poland as well as abroad with bands such as Emperor, Napalm Death, Solefald, Ragehammer, and Terrordome.
Inverted Mind’s music is a must-listen for any fan of Crowbar, Eyehategod, Neurosis, Cult of Luna, Isis, Blindead or Obscure Sphinx.

Band Members

Jan Słomski
guitar 2011-now
vocals 2012-now
Jan Skubida
bass 2018-now
background vocals 2019-now
Jan Słomski
guitar 2011-now
vocals 2012-now
Konrad Coner
drums 2019-now
Previous Band Members
Dariusz Darasz
drums 2012-2019
Michał Tomaszek
bass 2011-2018
Szymon Kałuża
vocals 2012
Łukasz Miernik
drums 2011-2012
Maciej Gofroń
vocals 2011